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17/02/2016 Britannia on one of the most important regeneration projects in the UK

Britannia on one of the most important regeneration projects in the UK

The Destructor Bridge in the historic city of Bath, was first built in 1870 and moved to its current location in Bath in 1905 to connect the scavenger’s yard with the destructor works waste yard, where the bridge got its name.

Britannia were commissioned on this project by clients Crest Nicholson to improve the functionality of the bridge, which has been out of action for some years. The new construction will form primary access to Bath’s new Riverside Scheme, creating two-way access for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists across the river. The technical nature of the location and design of the current bridge have brought Britannia Construction its challenges along the way as well as some unusual discoveries.

“It’s an important addition to the infrastructure of Bath,” says Project Manager, Kevin Sanderson-Duckett from Cheltenham-based Britannia Construction.

“This is the second bridge we’ve worked on with award-winning bridge engineers, Flint and Neill, and it’s been an exciting project to work on.”

“It’s a complex build with the new Destructor Bridge being welded on-site in 24 pieces. We’ve had to work as a team and think on our feet to find innovative solutions to some unpredictable challenging aspects. It’s been great to be a part of”

Paul Halfpenny, MD of Britannia Construction says, “I’m immensely proud of the Britannia team who have worked around the clock on this project.

“We’ve had the support of local residents who have joined us overnight to witness the removal of the old bridge and who await the construction of the new elegant steel arch. It’s been a massive team effort and such a worthwhile project for us to work on.

“Our client, Crest Nicholson, has called Bath Riverside one of the most important regeneration projects in the UK, so we’re proud to be helping them progress their transformation.”

As part of the project, Britannia have worked with the Environmental Agency to clean up the area. In the process they have removed 6 cars, 160 trolleys and a number of motorbikes from the river as well as uncovering many bottles, some of value. No roman coins have been recovered just yet.

The Riverside scheme will see the creation of homes, two parks, a primary school, restaurants, other commercial uses plus health and cultural facilities.

As well as the Destructor Bridge, Britannia Construction are also working on:

  • Retail Park refurbishments in Swindon and Nottingham
  • Bridgeworks in Stroud
  • And a primary infrastructure for a significant housing development in Bath.

To keep up to date with the latest news from the Destructor Bridge project, follow our dedicated Twitter account @DestructorBrdg

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