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The Environment

We take our responsibilities towards the protection of the environment very seriously and fully endorse sustainable construction methods and are accredited under BSI ISO 14001:2004.

On all projects, we do everything reasonably possible to ensure the impact on the environment is kept to a minimum, through the selection of sustainable materials, minimizing waste, avoidance of air and noise pollution to adjacent land/building occupiers and safe working practices. Environmental issues are a major consideration through-out the project programme.

Where we appoint design consultants, we look to practices with a similar ethos towards the environment, taking into account past record, experience and attitude towards sustainable construction.

On site we encourage sub-contractors to minimize waste by appointing them on a supply and labour basis wherever possible. Re-cycling of materials is also encouraged, this is especially relevant to the many restoration projects we undertake, which rely on the availability of good quality reclaimed materials, In addition, both air and noise pollution is taken into consideration when carrying out any activity.

Environmental Policy Statement

We have also implemented the following initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint:

Office initiatives:

  • Monitoring our energy consumption.
  • Consulted with the Carbon Trust to determine possible actions to reduce our energy consumption and have implemented awareness raising initiatives.
  • Recently completed a refurbishment of our head office building including installation of low energy lighting with occupancy detection to switch them off when areas aren’t in use along with other energy saving enhancements.
  • Consider the energy consumption of business equipment at purchase and through use including enabling power saving features.

Travel initiatives:

  • Encouraging the use of public transport where appropriate and sharing of cars where possible. The choice of vehicles available through the company car scheme is selected with fuel economy/low CO2 in mind.
  • Encouraging company car users to take an allowance instead which allows them to select a vehicle more suited to their individual needs and many users are selecting smaller, more fuel efficient cars.
  • Implementing the use of telephone conferencing and investigating video conferencing to avoid the need to travel to meetings where possible.

Site initiatives:

  • Plant is hired rather than owned and we ensure that only modern, well maintained plant is used.
  • Encourage drivers to shut down plant when not in use.
  • Site accommodation is fitted with secondary doors to keep heat in as the main steel doors are inevitably left open.
  • Office heating and lighting is controlled by time switch to prevent heating empty offices.
  • Energy consumption is monitored and recorded and targets set and reviewed.
  • Plant fuel is also monitored and recorded.

We are corporate members of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, thus further emphasizing our recognition of our overall responsibilities to the natural environment whilst executing our works.

BSI ISO 14001:2004: Registration: EMS602318

Controlled Waste Act 1991: Registration: CBDU89838, Expiry 10th March 2019

Environment Agency approved to transport controlled waste and holders of a current Certificate of Registration under the Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989.

We are also a member of the Low Carbon South West which is a membership organisation and sector partnership between businesses, academia, investors, local authorities and both regional and national agencies promoting the growth of the environmental sector in the South West of England.


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