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26/08/2011 Britannia awarded Swindon Station Contract

Britannia has been awarded a contract by Forward Swindon for the installation and landscaping of the new Swindon Station Forecourt development.

Part of the wider regeneration vision for Swindon, the Swindon Station Forecourt has been designed to provide an impressive gateway to Swindon Station, and a key public space for the town.

The new, 2,000 sq m space will be transformed from what is currently a heavily traffic dominated area into a prestigious pedestrian focused arrival space, incorporating transport links and improved facilities.

Paul Halfpenny, managing director of Britannia comments, “We are delighted to have been awarded this prestigious contract for our civil engineering division.
“We are looking forward to contributing to the regeneration of Swindon through this project and bringing our experience to bear in the provision of this landmark development for the town.”

The new £1.85 million scheme at Swindon Station will give pedestrians priority through a clearly defined route, with vehicle areas, including a new taxi rank and dedicated bus lane, kept separate.

Britannia will be installing 500 tons of high quality natural granite, together with sandstone and timber benches, as well as landscaped tree planting.

Britannia will be implementing a detailed three-phase work programme during the 35 week contract. Information points will be erected throughout the station forecourt to ensure passengers are kept fully informed about progress.

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